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Overview of the Hoffman Challenge
For nearly 30 years, the Hoffman Challenge has been accepting entries and putting the winners on the road for a year as exhibits for quilt guilds, textile shows, shops, museums and libraries. We have five categories for entries each year: Home Decor (Table-Top & Kitchen for 2016), Clothing and accessories, pieced quilts, appliquéd quilts,and quilts with a mix of these two techniques. We have nationally recognized judges select the best from each category for travel, as well as award prizes for each category.

The Exhibits
We currently have 14 trunks that travel the United States. There are over 320 items that travel for the year in the trunks. When you request a trunk for exhibit, you can request any number of trunks, and any type of trunk. The fee charged per trunk is for a two-week interval. You may have the trunks for multiple two week intervals – i.e., if you have an exhibit for a month you would pay the fee twice.

All trunks are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. You will fill out a form on our website and if, after checking our calendar everything can be as you wish, we will send you an invoice. If there are complications, the curator will contact you to work out a solution. As an exhibitor, you will also pay to ship the trunk to the next exhibitor.

All trunks contain some of the same things: signs for each item with information about the maker to be displayed with the item, two larger signs to inform about the challenge in general, next yearʼs challenge fabric, and packing supplies you will need.

Quilt Trunks
The quilts are limited in size, in that their perimeter has to be 160 inches or less. For example, the largest square quilt that we accept is 40 inches square. The quilts entered always have a 4 inch hanging sleeve on the top back of the quilt. You would need to supply a rod to hang the quilt on. Each trunk contains 20 quilts. Each trunkʼs contents are split evenly between pieced, appliqué and mixed technique quilts and has four award winners. Fee: $75 per 20 quilt trunk or $95 for two quilt trunks totaling in 40 pieces.

Home Decor Trunks
The Home Décor theme for the 2016 Crystalia Challenge is Tabletop & Kitchen and is Living Room for 2017. The Home Décor trunks will have 16 pieces that all fall under this category. You may request one 16-piece trunk for $75 or two Home Decor Trunks (32 pieces total) for $95.

Clothing & Accessory Trunks
You may request one 20- to 21-piece trunk for $75 or two Clothing & Accessory trunks (40-41 pieces total) for $95.

Request Form:

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